Kevin Cox

Name: Kevin Cox
Company or Organization: Virginia Mason Memorial Hospital

Amanda is an energetic, common-sense conservative whose conservatism is not only a choice, but a lifestyle. Amanda is passionate about the issues and her conservative views. She has a strong work ethic and a long Yakima community business and service resume. She speaks as a community member, not as a politician. She presents herself with the positivity and surety of President Reagan and the toughness of President Trump. She will be persistent in her efforts to better the Yakima valley. She is genuine, authentic and enthusiastic like our other local state representatives. I feel she can help bring individuals who are wandering away back to our political discussions. Here are some reasons she is a strong candidate:

1. Amanda is no stranger to politics. She assisted Susan Hutchison in her political quest as a member of her campaign.

2. As a full-time county commissioner, she won’t be limited in her time. She will serve the communities and individuals of Yakima County full-time.

3. We all agree community members need to be better involved in county business and issues. She wants to take the county meetings and topic information to the people through social media among other things. This, in addition to inviting people to meetings. This way she and the other county commissioners can receive feedback from the community through various methods.

4. Business is the life-blood of our community. She plans to eliminate unnecessary rules or regulations to assist businesses in this community to flourish or to start up services.

5. Water rights and supply are issues in the county that have been neglected. Metering is restrictive, while water storage is a proactive approach she advocates for. 6. Her position on gun rights is simple, direct and without apology. There is no basis to restrict, discourage or eliminate this fundamental right for law-abiding citizens.