Transparency and Easy Access to Government

Technology and social media are incredible tools for bringing transparency to government.  The public deserves to have easy access to documents and meetings that affect how the county works for them. 

I will implement: 

  • Live stream commissioners meetings and post to county website and social media

  • An end to sweeping consent agendas

  • Social media pages for Board of Commissioner’s office and each Commissioner Posting of all media to Facebook and YCCC website

  • Easy electronic access to schedule a visit or send an idea to a Commissioner  

  • Electronic customer service surveys for each department that go directly to Commissioners

  • Legislation FAQ page listing proposed and recently passed legislation and codes, explaining what changes are being proposed and by whom and how it will impact the average taxpayer


Marketing Ourselves Like a Business

First impressions count!  We deserve the best and brightest greeting and meeting all prospective visitors and investors in Yakima County.  This goes hand-in-hand with increased transparency.  Presenting Yakima County to the outside world as a globally important producer of high-quality ag products is a must.  We will highlight businesses and people who add extraordinary value to our area, people and products.  We will provide links to all our private partners who generate enormous capital through ag and business.  We will feature our incredible organizations who utilize Private-Public Partnerships to create a safer, more caring and opportunity-filled place to live for our residents.  What things do we do well:  What makes us unique?  Let’s promote them!  The County should be the lead marketer of all things – “Do business and live in Yakima County, you’ll be glad you did”.


Agriculture – Harnessing Capital for the Next Generation

Working directly with growers and farmers to ensure the County is pursuing cutting edge partnerships that will benefit our ag industry and its workers.  We already grow the world’s best apples, hops and more.  We want to become a global leader in the next phase of food growing and harvesting through full supply-chain ownership from product development, harvesting, employee interfacing, packaging, marketing and promoting the next innovators in ag from within.  Grassroots meet-ups, expanding technical training at our existing schools, internships with local companies, digital white boards for college students and those performing in other markets to connect with and inspire local youth to pursue technical jobs related to the ag industry.


Water, Water Everywhere Let’s make it happen!

Let’s make it happen!  Conflicting and contrary governmental and bureaucratic policies have managed to turn the conversation of meeting water storages needs into a tragic drama nobody wants to watch.  The answer is partnerships.  Who would guess that 4th generation farmers would team up with members from the Sierra Club, but their goals very closely align!  Water shortages and well-metering will be common occurrences if action isn’t taken.  Environmentalists, food growers and daily consumers all want the same thing, an abundant supply of water! 


Planning and Permitting

To help turn our reputation in this area around we must be the easiest, fastest, most user-friendly County to every person applying for a permit.  No matter the need, whether it’s expanding a horse barn, turning a garage into a bedroom or developing an entire neighborhood of homes.  Every dollar invested into real estate increases the value and subsequently the taxes the County collects.  With roughly 30% of property in Yakima County on the tax roll, we must encourage and promote landowners who choose to improve and increase their property values.  We will be a County that immediately volunteers solutions to applicants to ensure they have the greatest customer service experience, feel valued and appreciated for making choice to improve their property, and feel that the County is dedicated to finding the easiest, fastest way to approve their project as a true partner in the process.  We will cross-train employees so that we are ready and able to provide answers and assistance to our clients.                                                                                      


Homelessness and Public Safety

Easily the most visible and frustrating issue facing communities large and small, homelessness is a raw and real issue that we see in nearly every corner of our beautiful county.Bringing measurable and perceived positive change will require a commitment to strong and ongoing Private-Public Partnerships.Mental illness, drug and alcohol addiction, domestic violence and the lack of truly affordable housing are wreaking havoc on government resources and in our hearts. Simply opening-up spaces and increasing budget spending to address the issue is not enough.
Proactive partnerships will help address the underlying issues that lead to and keep people on our streets and in our court system. Imbedding Designated Crisis Responders is an innovative approach to reach people in the moment of their crisis when they encounter our Law Enforcement Officers.  Connecting people in crisis with trained professionals and immediately transferring them to resources that best fit their needs has been extremely successful.  Offering these tools to our dedicated law enforcement personnel has also had a positive impact on how they interact with the people they encounter.We must be proactive, innovative and strategic in our approach to partnering with local organizations.

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