Governor Inslee’s visit to Yakima yesterday came as a big surprise to the public. I have heard from so many of you who are frustrated and wonder why we weren’t told. 

Yakima has indeed been testing a higher percentage of the population versus other counties, and we have focused on hot spots. But we have also found ways to utilize our resources and draw upon the talents of our incredible local medical professionals to keep our death rate at 2.2% compared to King County’s rate of 6.7%. King County just applied for Phase 2 approval with 21 of our 39 counties already approved. 

From the onset of this Emergency Order, 63% of our workers in #YakimaCounty were deemed essential, and 100% of us have worn that badge of honor with courage and conviction, knowing WE WILL claim victories over this virus. 

What questions would you have asked Governor Inslee if you knew he was coming? What ideas and thoughts do you have about Yakima County moving safely into Phase 2 and beyond?

Read the Washington State Department of Health latest dashboard stats here: 


Demographics by County: 

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