The disruption to our daily lives due to COVID-19 is felt by everyone. As a community we have committed to implementing safety protocols to keep the spread of the virus down. This disruption has caused major economic damage, especially to our local small businesses. These businesses have been here for us in great times of need, supporting causes near and dear to our hearts and creating a special, recognizable fabric of what Yakima County looks and feels like.


Our local businesses need our support, and one of the best ways we can show them support is by lifting up their voices as they plan for their future and the future of what Yakima County looks like. Many of these businesses belong to associations who have helped them make plans of action to implement new safety protocols so they can safely re-open to the public. Many though, do not have a larger group or association working on their behalf and have come up with plans independently and specific to their small business. One thing is consistent, they have been thinking and planning every day how to serve you, their customers, in a safe way while also protecting their employees. Let’s show them support by spreading the word on how they propose to reopen safely in an open and transparent way!


This page is a place for our local businesses to post their safe re-opening plans and concepts so that you, their customers and neighbors, can see how hard they have been working to keep the public safe while they get back to business.


If your business is now open please share with us the services you are offering. This will allow us to work together as a community to spread the news regarding which businesses are open and in what capacity so we can come out and show support for each other. It is a place for transparency and collaboration among businesses and the community. We are in this together!


Warm Regards,

Amanda McKinney

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